I ever wanted

  1. midi lfo’s to controllers (its so easy to implement)

  2. save midi controller settings

  • dont want to input all the contoller numbers of my synth again and again
    just input it one time ,save it up and reload it when i need them
  1. using a joystick as a vector controller for midi controllers or synth-effect whatever settings


  1. you want to modulate a CC with a lfo ?
    this would be possible with the planned “*LfoDevice” which
    can control any effectparameter and therefor also a slider of
    a “*MidiCCDevice”

  2. why dont you set it up once and make a default song ?

  3. there are third-party tools that translate joystickmovements into CCMessages

3) what are they called?

try Hubi’s Joystick to MIDI Converter

because I don’t want to use them all everytime.

lfo is fine , joystick too (?) have to search then

seems that renoise is developing in modular direction with these different devices
:) fine
like that.