I Feel Like A Choirbot

Decided to find out what the rave was about, so I loaded up the Amen. And Funky drummer x 2.

Though they’re not (I think) fundamental parts of this song, they must’ve contributed, as this is the first time I can remember actually nodding to the beat of something I’ve recorded. This was somewhat of a surprise, as it’s not exactly four-to-the-floor.

Think this is my best shot at mixing so far, and I managed to incorporate a ping ride (love those) and some not altogether unsuccessful drum rolls.

Realize there’s good headroom for improving the mix, so any thoughts are appreciated.

Going down?

Fun. Although the only bit moving me is the melodic section in the middle. There’s some potential in that.

Some mixing changes: Get rid of all the bass out of the lead so I doesn’t interfere with the bass. Some LP filtering on the breaks would be good.