I Finally Got Some Songs On The Web!

Hi all,

I haven’t been an avid user of these forums, though I ought to be. I’ve been tracking since I was 15… but I’m 19 now so that isn’t saying much! I started with Adlib Tracker 2, so I was primarily a chiptune composer for a while, but am slowly making the transition into writing more techno style music, as well as some acoustic stuff. I’ve uploaded 8 of my songs on to a nice website called “maketunes.com”. I’ll hopefully add some of more of my music in the next few days, but that’s a start. Feedback is welcome!!



Thanks for sharing, there’s a lot of nostalgia in these pieces. Would be nice to warm them up a bit with some LP filtering.

I suddenly realized that the nick “pinwizkid” and the name Brendan couldn’t be a coincidence . :) I made the Adlib Tracker II-website a couple of years ago, so we’ve had some contact previously, as you might recall. :)

Glad to hear that you’re still composing, I took a listen to some of the tracks and recognized your style and your way with harmonics. :) “Twisted Paradise Revisited” and “Chilly Blaze” appealed the most to me, on a quick listen-through.

Twisted Paradise Revisited (and apparently some other tracks) have TOOO much reverb. Like let’s say if the dial of reverb goes up to 10, and using 1.3 is tasteful, you have turned it up to 30. :D I guess it’s intentional, but it turns me away from the music. Otherwise the composition and stuff is great. :)