I Found An Eastern Egg From Renoise 2.5

hitting keycombo ALT + Z + HEIMER will bring up a somekind of pianolol…



This only works when running OSX on a PC

i guess im renoise-blind.
my eyes cant see BS anymore. no offence. fun intended.

ok the t is wrong there.
…and off.

If you can find it, you would be the third one who ever found one.

Below the ’ Himmler’ key

Okay, I just bought(29 bux), installed OSX 10.6.2 64-bit, running the software update right now.
Installed Renoise 2.5b9 but, Google doesn’t appear to know what a heimer key is either.
I’m stumped.

…and don`t forget where you find it…

remark to myself: don’t believe things camels are telling you in an internet forum. ^_^