I Get Sound But No Levels With Midi Synth

I did a search and read the wiki, but either my question is so basic that no one else has asked it, or perhaps I am missing it in the search.

So pardon me for the noob question, but I’ve never use midi before.

I just picked up an outboard synth that I have connected by midi to renoise.
Everything works fine, I get sound, but I get no levels on the meter in renoise and no track effects are applied.

FYI I’m running the synths outputs into an emu 0404.

So, how do I get my synths output to register (so that it can be rendered)?

The synth is already running straight into my comp.

I just want to use the midi’d in synth in songs like I do vst synths.
I actually find it strange that I can’t.
Seems like a pretty basic thing that people would want to be able to have midi synths render in a song.

Don’t get me wrong, I think renoise is a great program otherwise.

you have to render the part where everything comes out of renoise and then “analog-record” the synth with your line-in in your soundcard.

After that you need “Audacity” or another multitrack-sampler to combine the renoise-stuff with the synthline

Yeah that kinda sux. :(
Looking forward to rendering straight into a song being supported in the future.

Is that a relatively high priority on the to do list, or no?

There are some very good vst synths out there, but none sounding quite as good to me as outboard ones.
Plus I HATE twiddling knobs with a mouse.

Til then I’ll just have to do as you suggest.