I Guess, It's Another First Song

Hi there renoise-community,

(I think I started this wrong, here is another try)

finally, I finished a song. It is called rehearsal, I’m sure you’ll soon get why. :D
I have to thank she for her coloris album, coz it made me so happy I started this piece of music two days ago. I hope it sounds good from your soundsystems, mine is rather crappy.

Enjoy the show!
Song: rehearsal
Artist: kwandtum
Style: fast, happy, fake live, fun, swing, blipp
Format: .ogg
Size: approx. 4MB

See ya, Chris

Hi kwandtum, I had a listen.

You have a cute chip melody going on, but it is far too repetitive for my tastes. The subtle variations could have been replaced with a few new melodies. Or the supporting bassline could have shifted more. Right now, I am getting some sort of inference to serialism but I doubt that is what you were going for?

A good first attempt, shows promise, but right now this tune is not for me.


I’m with Conner on this one. Plus, one more advice from me - stay out of the loudness war. Leave more headroom and allow for more dynamics.

kwandtum, are you completely new to trackers, or is this just your first Renoise song?

in the first case, I do notice you have some really good potential to be shown in your future songs, keep on!

I understand the above comments, but honestly I have heard far worse than this :)

Hi there guys,

thank you for for your reviews and your ears.
I listened to it again yesterday, I have to admit, it IS rather repetetive. It could need some different melodies and and funkier bassline. There are a lot of ticks in three minutes :)

I’m not sure if I will work on this one again, because it feels kind of done to me, perhaps I’ll just start from scratch with a new one.

It-Alien, I am completely new to tracker, this was my second song ever. (The first one was a LOT more repetetive) And I get totally addicted to it. I never knew how much fun you can have creating a time ordered sequence of sonic waves. I am here, because I LOVE renoise, it has so many buttons to play with. And I want to scrounge some tricks from the pros. ^_^

Thanks again for advice, I’m sure you’ll “hear” again from me… (haha, bad pun)

Greetz, Chris

i like this song sounds really good better than the stuff i make and i have had renoise for like nearly half a year now :(