I Had A Nightmare

set in some dark big-brother mood

Year 2015:

Groups of violent Renoise Users are marching outside the IRDB (International Renoise Developement Building) protesting for the latest Renoise release.
The old time slogan “the best from both worlds” used since 2007 has become “The best from any world” in 2009, when the number of musical programs rised… and then to “Pieces from any program” in 2012 when user criticized the word “best” for being ambiguous and relative.
Now the brand new slogan is prominently displayed with steel letters on the side of the building and it reads
“if you don’t need that option, don’t use it”.

Here is a screenshot of Renoise 9.59 beta which since 2011 is released only as a VSTi plugin for BUZZ and Fruityloops…

*…GHASP!.. * :ph34r: :ph34r:
…and then I wake up, and I’m all sweating.
I’ll not stop shivering untill I turn the PC on and run Renoise.

I have to leave it there on screen while I sleep… or bad dreams are coming again…
:lol: :lol: :lol:

:blink: :lol:

Parsec, calm down - that was just a dream. That will never happen.

“Generate Song” buttons are only used in tracks by Gigi D’agostino and as far as I know, he uses Cubase.

Hey! Gigi´s music isn´t that bad at all ;)
AND so far I know he´s gay, soooo… :rolleyes:

^ guess that the most stupid post I´ve ever made

Nope. Some tracks are good but if I wrote Jan Wayne, nobody knows wtf I am talking about.

ahaha lol man thats one seriously inventive and funny topic, not to mention picture, now im gonna check ur songs and see if they can match :D

good one!

Hey… MAgix Music Maker has “generate song” button since version G5. :ph34r:

Could you please stop spreadig the screenshots of Renoise 1.6 you moron, that’s supposed to be a surprise :angry: :angry:





Thanks :) but… :huh: … there is not much to be heard to tell it all… at the adress you see in my signature there are some clips… and basicly I have 25 old time Mods and XMs on Nectarine radio. Maybe you can even find my winning entry for BeatBattle1 ? I always forget the url… :P

:D That pic is hilarious Parsec! :lol: It looks like windows minesweeper… press the wrong button and it will explode :)

Btw, Gigi rocks!!