I Had An Idea.


Had a tiny idea last night about setting up a sample/vst/utilz(lets call it swag) site so i bought mjusic.net, anyways the idea i had was to create a little community, if only with friends, of swag sharers. Nothing illegal, just freeware and if_not_used_not_illegal samples. ;)

I’ve been through alot of sites sharing samples and they all looked like crap, not to mention the samplerate, and those sharing something good had quite the matching pricetag to it. What i plan todo different is to only allow kickass samples and other valued goods, even let the users upload their stuff(songs?) and perhaps use a point system to keep it balanced. (meaning you need to upload to download, this is perhaps just as bad as charging for it, but im open to suggestions, perhaps even give points when people log in, post, click a link etc)

I just uploaded the code and make some theme tweaks, so there has been nothing done on the site as of now, yes thats right; no samples yet :P

Any suggestions? comments? contributions would be appriciated!!


edit: and yes, there will be one huge renoise logo advertising its greatness.

could wav samples of classic synthesizer & drum machine patches, be considered illegal?

I guess almost every sample can be considered not legal in a sence, if you dont go out in the woods and sample the tree’s whistling in the wind, tho im sure an elf would pop out claiming ©.

However i believe almost every sample can be considered legal if you just dont release it through commercial channels and make money on it.

If the sample is taken directly from an vsti, then it could be illegal?
Unless you alter the vsti to some sound not sounding like any of the presets.

But the best thing to do is ofcourse if you create a new sound by combining two or more sounds, like two snares or altering them with stuff that is ot in the original vsti.
Like if you apply a flanger or compress a sound etc.

However I prefere dry samples because then I can allways add the reverb myself.

I guess ripping samples from vst’s are illegal, unless they emulate something else themselves. However i believe the copyright doesnt become valid until you actually make money or release the material where the sample is involved. I could be wrong tho, but i dont care much either. I didnt put up this site to share wares, just to be a gatheringpoint for samples and ideas. If the heat somehow gets turned up ill just make the site private :D

But I guess keeping track of the sample source would be a good idea if someone got a bit of commercial success later on and needed to clear the samples.

yea :P

btw if any of you want an account on the site just type in “renoise eats babies” in the “programs i use” field. Decided to go somewhat “closed community” with the site to keep it clean and professional.

(hidden magic word will only stay active for a week or so, this site is crawling with google bots)

Thanks for this, look forward to browsing through your 3000+ samples :D. I’ll contribute where I can, when I can.

so how did u like it? :P

Hmmz… a pity i couldn’t use the magic word anymore… i wonder how i missed this topic…

the magic word still had some spark in it :)

Yeah like it is easy to track :P

I approved your hot ass but you never clicked on your confirmation mail, check ur spam/trash dir! :P