I Hate Obnoxiously Large Multimedia Embedded Sigs

I’ll remove it though since I’m one of the people doing it. Didn’t expect it would be taken to a point to be hated though.

hahah, in that case, good on ya!
problem solved!

Ok, video is back to normal size.

I removed you from my ignore list as this is tolerable (yet horribly annoying).

I didn’t say I hated you, I said I hated these types of signatures.

But yeah, we got options! :)

I’ll remove it, I just thought it was awesome being able to put the vids in the sigs and such then i figured out the embedding for vimeo and saw that vid and it was plus plus!. but i’ll remove it.

I personally also hate über-sigs, but I do not mind a little bit of media from time to time. A nice vimeo/youtube clip here, a nice mp3 player there, as long as it’s not sucking the life out of my rather lo-fi 1ghz laptop, then I don’t mind.

But despite our differences, I think we can all agree on one thing: At least the Renoise forum is nowhere near as bad as the Dogs On Acid forum!

Well, I liked the video the first time…

Just wasn’t a fan of it in “If Atheists Ruined The World thread” for the umpteenth time.


But they have a “Disable sigs” option, which I have turned on many years ago.

just wait until i figure out to make and embed this:

I hope you’re happy now :(

So does this forum!

Where? I could not find it.

My Controls -> Board Options ->

Board Display Settings   
Do you wish to view members signatures when reading topics?  

I’m with conner_bw on this one

Holy crap! those sighs!! damn!! :eek: