I Have 2 Questions.

Hello :)

I recently bought an Jomox Airbase 99, this is a drumsynthesizer. It’s my very first piece of hardware and I am very happy with it. It is working fine, however, when I use it in Renoise it doesn’t get “recognized”. I can control it via midi and such, I also hear sound, however the decibel meter at the top doesn’t respond, my vst’s are not altering the sound and when I record my song the hardware track is not there. Am I doing something wrong or is this the case with all extern equipment? I am currently using the method of recording the hardware track seperatly and then layer it over the rest of the song… it’s rather anoying however. It would be so nice to just be able to render it alltogether… :) As you can see I’m quite a newbie when it comes to hardware :unsure:

The second problem I am having is recording dsp sliders to pattern commands. I have these functions enabled:

  1. Follow pattern while playing
  2. Follow automations when changing the song position
  3. Record DSP sliders to envelopes or pattern commands

After this I play the song and try to move the DSP slider of my vstiautomation device left to right… but there are no pattern commands created, even though I have the track selected where the automated vsti is in. I am also holding my cursor on the effectcolumn. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong (again ^^)?

Thanks in advance :)

If you tag around with the button described in step 3 your parameter value either ends up in the effect columnn or in the automation editor when right-clicking upon the affected DSP/VST slider.
You can always hold rightmousebutton and move the slider while recording, each row a snapshot is being made of the value that the slider is currently set to.
The icon on the most right side of the slider shows you if the slider is being automated (the icon turns green) and how (symbol indication).
If you don’t see any pattern effect commands appearing on the active row where your pattern cursor is when you right-click, you should notice this change in the automation window.
If you rather have the effect comand, tag the “Record DSP sliders to envelopes or pattern commands” button again and rightclick upon the slider again. (cut your created automation though else you have two processes attempting to realterate the same parameter value at the same moment.)

Ahhh ofcourse, I had to right click the slider instead of left click. Silly me… <_<

Thanks alot Vincent!

I’ll answer your first question then :D When you use external hardware with midi the sound will come out your hardware. Midi is not an audio signal so you have to capture the audio and then layer it back into Renoise because you can not monitor or record audio in it yet.