I Have An Announcement!

I am now the owner of a registered Version of Renoise! Just thought I’d share that ;) !!! FAWKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK JEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! _o0m


GET 2.6 NOW!!! :w00t: WOO!

Welcome to the family! B)

As long as you know that the Renoise-team own your soul now. moahaha

awesome,congrats,you wont regret it

grats, every ninja should own a license

[center]Thanks guys! Last night was a night of rendering and rendering and rendering lol… Did’nt even get the chance to play with any tools other than the irc client for a couple mins… pack downloaded along with 2.5.1 and 2.6.0 ready for me when I get off work today… BOOOOOOOYAKA!




I want yourrrr soul, I will eat yourr soulll
come to daddy!!!

How fortunate, I need to make some money, in the end of the world 60 euros its no so cheap. Congratulations!!!

Congrats Ninja, I got mine registered two weeks ago and feel completely happy about it.

My soul?
Actually, I do feel a little drained lately!

Unfortunately it’s the job - better hurry, renoise team… ;)

Your sig says:
hex shcmex i want binary

overexposure to binary makes you feel drained.

Sweeeeeet, man. Glad to hear you joined the team. :D

Welcome aboard this time for real!

This time for real? =P Was there any other time? =P[center]

I’m Guy Smiley and here is your life!

Yeh you only get accepted into the Renoisistic Church of Hex if you have a license. You’ll get mailed pretty soon containing information about the dress-code, monthly fee, etc. -_-