I Have Become Immortal

Last night I was feeling nostalgic about the period I was staying in copenhagen , I lived there for 5 months during the summer of 2008 .
So I typed in copenhagen city square ’ into google ,My friend and I spend a lot of time drinking beer on the steps of the city hall …and gues what …we’re on the wikipedia upload pîcture of the city hall square , we are the 2 guys on the steps , bikes lying in front of us .You gotta zoom in a bit
I have no idea who uploaded the foto

Great he ,

woah, thats kinda weird! and really cool.

but damn, your’re getting me all teary eyed here. I love copenhagen. I had the best time when I was there and played last year. I plan to live there someday,

Yeah , me too I had the greatest time of my life absolutely no money , in a fuckin expensive city ( I am from belgium , compared to scandinavia things are a bit cheaper here ) , anyway I spend there 5 months practising free love and getting pissdrunk …;the times …
Great to see I am rewarded for my actions by Having an immortal status on wikipedia , let’s hope they won’t upload a new photo
Yes copenhagen is great n but at the same time it’s sad , cause my friend is still there living on the streets , I went to look for him last year and he has become a bum ,.

damn, cool, and then sad because of the story. never been to copenhagen but me and my wife are still planning on doing a Scandinavian-trip-vacation as soon as she gets her driver’s license.

yeah I hear you, I live in Stockholm. it’s getting really expensive and a lot harder to do anything creative or fun. this is not just in stockholm but in all of scandinavia unfortunately… anything our politicians cant turn into a profit will be shut down, in one way or another. they just seem to really hate culture in general, I dont get it.

I could go on and on about this for hours haha.

I’m really happy we have places like Berlin left in the world.

Yeah I hear you , berlin is really cool too , been there this summer holiday …anyway …things are changin over there too …

I stayed at a friends place in 'karlshorst which is in east berlin …love
Damn , now I am getting al nostalgic about that trip … :)
Damn travelling memories …siggghhhhh :(

Purdy cool!