I have captured a Jazz combo

The Jazzcombo was looking forward to get rich on my behalf. They were looking for a well paid career in playing modern music. Unfortunately I work without a crowd, and there are rumours that it all comes from the computer. There are signs of tiredness from having to constantly perform and they don’t seem to like it that I smoke. I have to make sure to feed them and free them from their cages once in a while. One of them makes noise with a fiddle constantly but I can’t yet figure out which player that is otherwise I would have given him or her a triangle to start working with instead. I mastered all the songs in Renoise with the assistance of the internal equalizer, Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE mastering compressor, Ozone Elements spatializer, and BeyerDynamic Virtual Studio on preset 4: Big Venue for some reverb to the mid and high.

I would like to present these songs made by putting the captured Jazz combo to work.
Actually I purchased Band-in-a-Box for Windows 2019 and am fiddling around with it.