I Have Seen The Light!

Just purchased Renoise on saturday, and i’ve been hard at work with it ever since. I gotta say, this program is the most amazing piece of software i’ve ever used! I came from cubase sx3, mostly making dubstep, and theres really no comparison between the two programs. I wanted to thank the developers SOOO much for making this, as its really revolutionizing the way i make tunes.


it took me a while to see the light, but i see it now!

Good! Spread the gospel

the firsts music softwares were trackers isn’t it?

Back to the roots! The firsts concepts are often the bests!! (pacman tetris space invaders digger… much more amazing than warcraft or grand thief auto!)

just like turntables aye? ;D

Aaamen brother!

Whatch your eyes mate! There’s still lots of light you’ll discover gradually in renoise ;)

really? i already have a sunburn!

oh yeah, kaneel, nice break chopping video. its good to know that its still safe to smoke somewhere… as long as one wears a beret.

Yes, welcome.

Tracking is the only way to make the music you love.

You would not use a tracker to record an orchestra in the same way that you would not use a horizontal sequencer to make programmed electronic music.

Correct tools for the task is the order of the day.

I feel that Renoise is about to EXPLODE.

all trackers are cool really, but trackers were only invented so it would be easy to create dance music, all types.

lol :D


I think trackers was invented to make it easy to make dance music in B/8. with constant tempochanges. ;)