I Just Bought Renoise!


That’s my inspiration and I’m getting it with a friend; since we both want to make music.

we want to do training like Goku and Vegetabut with Renoise. How long does it take to

does it take to get somewhat used to this program and learn most of the basics?

congrats !

How long it takes ?

If you’re not afraid to experiment and learn the different eff.commands, you’ll get there pretty fast .

Golden tip : you don’t need to copy the value off effects commands for every line ,

Are you in a hurry?

How long does it take from buying a brush set, canvas and colors to selling the first very high quality artwork? Wait, someone would have to teach you about images and draweing techniques first, before you can draw them with these tools. I mean understanding a brush won’t make you understand the Mona Lisa, and you won’t appreciate a brush until you know what else was needed to create that fucking rag. Some take years, some get it very fast. Having wits and knowing the internet are catalysts. Having a kung foo partner like you do maybe could be a catalyst, too.

How long? About 45 minutes:

Tutorial playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB7op_Ds1S5zE3Jk6EgK31qVfhaa76YkW

p.s. – cool inspiration track!

The quick start guide is also a major help


As others have said, if you keep at it daily (like anything musical) the key commands and techniques come really quickly. I will also suggest ear training to make better use of the program as it really helps in general. Renoise is pretty complex, but it’s a lot of fun, enjoy!

ps. make good use of the forum search as well, there is a plethora of info on these forums. I spend a lot of time lurking for that very reason!

pss. The A key is also a note off, a lot easier than caps lock!

pss. The A key is also a note off, a lot easier than caps lock!

For as long as I use Renoise, I never knew this. Blew my mind. :badteethslayer:

Welcome. I also second the tuts and guide, definitely helped my understanding.