I Just Fell In Love

I just listened to those demos on Refx Nexus. This is the next big thing, I am gonna buy. Damn, I am really impressed, can’t wait for a demo.

It’s definitely got some nice sounds but for me personally it seems a bit too restrictive. It’s essentially just a preset player and you cannot do much to the sound apart from tweaking the filters and stuff. From what I understand through reading forum posts by people who already tried it, the patches are built up from different combinations of sound layers in the library (so many of the same rom sounds are re-used in slightly different ways), but you cannot actually mix and match these layers yourself to create new patches.

For many people it will be appealing just to load it up and quickly pick an awesome sounding patch, but for me I would prefer a lot more flexibility.

i try to use absynth)
becouse you can do what you want)

you can use presets but better if you can change some thing $) for example absynth, predator etc has presets to but you can change all thing as you want.

it seems like theres enough presets to last a day atleast.
but still, give me a 2 osc analogue anyday.

I had the opportunity to test this baby at a friends studio. Well, there really are some nice presets but on the other hand everythings sounds like you make a cover-version of already existing material.

So, Love is over…

wow, this sounds so professional!! :rolleyes:

Well, in reFX’s defense, and despite what I said, Nexus does sound really nice. The patches, although mainly too cheesy for my tastes and certainly not flexible enough for serious tweaking, do sound really solid and would work extremely well in the many subgenres of dance, trance, house, etc. ReFX are marketing directly to a very specific group of people with this product and I am positive they will enjoy a lot of success with it. Any producer who wants instant access to all of “those sounds” from “those tracks” will love this, just as they loved Vanguard before it (although that was a proper synth), and I’m sure we will be hearing this thing in many cheesy commercial tracks and remixes on the radio and television (Thankfully I do not listen to/watch either!)


indeed I was ironic, but in the sense that sounding “like that” is exactly what most of professionals would want:
“gimme that put_the_name_of_the_latest_hit_maker flavour”.

ok, good luck to them, although I would be much happier if they would work more on Slayer rather than this synth.