I Just Figured Out How To Make Beakcore

i just figured out how to make breakcore and i cant wait to get home from work and pump out an album

teach me o wise one :o

What is your job that you can learn how to make breakcore at work? :lol:

. Beakcore is awesome. i love Beakcore.

oops lol

I was disappointed that this thread wasn’t about a new genre of music consisting of rhythmic bird noises.

i love to hate that.

I’m afraid to give away my tricks before my universal acclaim comes. No, i can’t be that vain…so I can say this, i won’t be teaching anyone the method of meticulously programing every single notice and effect event…which now that i think about that again, i highly doubt thats how real breakcore started, but there are some who want to teach that school of thought.
Come here dear brainslushi and sit on my knee, we’ll open renoise 2.7 together and grab some breaks. We’ll go over some commands, play with some distortions, filters, gates, etc and we’ll even throw in an element of chance without getting caught.
by golly you’ll pump out an album of your own too

I work with autistic children but a lot of times i work night shifts and have a lot of time to think while they are asleep.

Me too, overthruster is my favorite.