I Like Electronic Music, But....

I like a LOT of electronic music, but it seems no matter where I go when looking through generes of electronic music to find artists/groups that are somewhat upbeat (and also not drum’n’bass), I always end up coming up with groups that use the c&c music factory technotronic dance-hall rhythm.

Does anyone know of any specific genres of upbeat electronic music that completely avoids that rhythm?

Your ‘dance-hall rhythm’ demo rulez!
Haha. :D

About avoidind this Umss-Umss-Umss, as you described, maybe some-kind of ‘progressive breaks’ may help you i guess…

Artists like :

Stanton Warriors

Plump DJ’s

(more electronic)
Crystal Method
Junkie XL

electronic music is so wide term that you can find everything under that :)

i usually refer to electronic music as style where are used a lot of “computerlike” synthetic sounds. Kinda like this


Anyway, you could always go here for a sweet unofficial guide to electronic music?


I like that site. :)

btw, trackit, nice beat!

so you don’t like four-to-the-floor stuff, no straight 4/4 beats?
then just look out for the contrary, which’d be “broken beats”.
trip-hop, idm, breakbeat, elektro and alike come to mind as representatives of that genre.

but believe me, there definately are tracks using a straight 4/4 beat without sounding like c&c music factory…

to me, that’s what i’d call “elektro”.
“electronic music” is just a generic term for music, that has been written without the support of accoustic instruments.
that’s at least the way i define it - however, opinions might vary.

This is great! :) Thanks for all the info everyone. :)

Define “upbeat”.

You mean stuff you can dance to?
Or just stuff with a slightly faster tempo?

Stuff with a slightly faster tempo.

Unless there are some dance genres that use bossa nova or middle eastern dance rhythm patterns, then that would be cool too…

Um, this is not bossa nova, but there’s a series of music kinda like this, can’t remember the name of it right now, tho… Will ask a friend of mine asap.


Oh, and check out Sambass, brazilian drum & bass, fantastic stuff!!

I liked this site at first… I dont like that music genre too but look at what the author said about the style that was developed in my own country

Shut the hell up… you’re insulting the dutch… dont mess with us :angry:


Mash it up

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btw my old nickname was DreadX, cuz i had a head a full of dreadlocks

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I don’t necessarily coincide with his opinions, but damn, he’s funny and not neutral!! Gotta give him credit for at least backing up his opinions with clean arguments, not just “this sucks”