I Like To Doodle With Grphixx

Hmm, you haven’t been on gdr (game developers refugee) in the past (2001-2002)? Just thought I recognized your style, but maybe this is a common style. I liked it anyhow. :)

fett najs!

I like ‘doodling’ with graphx more on a pixel level. ^^

Oh shit… that new sample draw feature is pretty leet… good job annide!


allright. hehe.

anywaaay, im gonna give thanx from “LocalGost” a buddy of mine
that keeps hidden in the mountains here. and say thanx for bringing
Renoise to Linux. and he is now gonna get himself a licensed version
of it. when he heard the news he asked if he could run it on his
amiga 4000 ;D something something about cross-platform. compiling…
blah blah blah… i don’t get that stuff. anyone knows?

he keeps himself tracking down long past roads. :)

i’ve called it:

Not quite as elaborate as your example, but to an extent.

Notice the music application running on the synth in the middle…

RENOiSE! we “can” and “will” love it!

Love those collages annide, very Gilliamesque.

crazy shit

and the original photo.

that’s neat, what software do you use for this type of art. ermm. not to come of as a retard but is it 3d?