I Love, Love, Love Renoise!

Hi guys, you don’t have to listen to this. I know I am not that active on this forum at all. Lol… but I do love renoise! I recently took a much needed, 20 month, artist break from music production. but now I am well rested, and returning to what I truely love, love! Music… I started learning music production about six years ago, and its all finally starting to come together for me. so I am way, way excited. This track is total renoise. a great sounding drum kit, sub bass, other sounds made on resynth. the guitars are all recorded with amplitude… on Iphone LOL… I love the low latency. the guitars are not sampled… they are totally, “live.” played all the way through.

thank you for the listen…

If you are new to renoise… I just want to say. Do not give up on this music software. this is a very amazing experience of music. it is extremely complicated in the beginning. but it only takes maybe a year or two to learn. even though I have been producing six years, i did not start out on renoise. i started in cubase. so no worries. you will learn renoise in much less than six years. but renoise is so amazing. it is the real coolest software. it is so zen


peace out!

I love RENOISE too. It’s my DAW of choice… Seriously, I’m coming from Ableton and Cubase… I love step sequencing

I cant make music on anything else these days !

“This track is currently not available”