I Love Renoise Workflow

the website waveformless just posted a video on how to chop up samples in ultrabeat.


in the middle of waching this, i just thought. “hrmmm, 09 offset much?” one of the things that keeps me from getting one of those huge DAWs like logic is that,everything just seems over complicated in comparison to renoise which is like, writing music in warp speed

sample offset is my special friend too :) Couldnt live without it! And i love the renoise approach to it, where you can actually see the offset setting in the sample editor itself.

total noob question…what is this sample offset feature you speak of?

Its the 9xx effect, where the xx is the percentage(wasnt always % tho) you want to jump into the sample. Calculated in hex, so 97f would be a 50% jump into the sample. Its very useful if you have a beat but you only want to use parts of it, or rearrange it differently. You can then use the sample offset to trigger the snare, bd, cymb, etc, at you desired locations using just one sample.

I can’t stand ultrabeat’s gui. They try to make it look all cool with high tech lookin knobs and shit, but it ends up being a pain in the ass to use.

I still find it much more efficient just to cut needed parts of the sample as new samples and use those instead. Saves me A ) typing offset commands B ) remembering offset values

same here when it comes to beats, but with example like this - vocal, sample offset is really good, you don’t have to be so exact like with percussions and it works great

me too! I make cutted up instrumens of everything…
but the 09xx I use a lot for strechy-effects.

I love the workflow too man. Renoise is just perfect in almost every way!

I actually just started messing around with Renoise about a week ago with no prior Tracker experience…and I am completely blown away. I have been using Reason since 1.0(and a customer for that matter)and I have been looking for sumthin new, At this point after educating myself about the ins and outs I think I may jump ship to Renoise. Gonna make a few cuts first but the workflow does amaze me every time I sit down to drop a choon…Expect to see a lot more of me in these forums no doubt