I Love The Renoise Chorus Effect:)

Hey guys, have been MIA 4 a while, however, always a pleasure to return to the forum and check what’s happening as I always find useful info this way.

Is it just me as I haven’t been using Renoise for too long but is the native chorus effect top notch or what? I have played around with a few others including the Kjaerhus Classic which supposed to be amazing and I have not been impressed. None of them come close to recreating that sound that I have fallen in love on countless records from childhood up until now…and if they do sound good they are no where near as versatile.

I mean you can select what frequencies are affected by the chorus , couple this with clever use of the dry/wet knob and you add some warmth/spread/ tame the high end w/o it even sounding like you are using chorus!

Its also got multi-band dist which is something I haven’t seen on any chorus effects.

I think if it had an uber-snazzy gui and was a plug-in people would be making a small fuss about it no?

Maybe its just me, however, kudos to the developers and whoever did the dsp work as I use this effect in all/most of my work whether its audible or not! :yeah:

Let me know if I am mistaken guys as I love learning!

LoFiMat2 on the Master FTW!!!11

I share your love for the chorus! My fave DSP as well :)

Same here, Chorus + RingMod = audio heaven. :D

There is something new! I think maybe one of you guys has done that on the demo tracks…maybe it was you foo? I also think keith303 did it on an .xrns he shared with us some time ago. Interesting, never tried …what inspires you to do it and what type of track does it work on?

On another note…I think a lot of the native dsps are top-notch…I have gotten so used to using vst fx that I forget about what you can do natively…imo for compression, mastering, saturation etc its best to use niche plug ins…however there is a lot to be said for our native dsps!!

Double for the ring mod! :w00t:

Native DSPs are all I ever use… With the soul exception of Ozone 3.

Chorus is indeed an awesome effect, it was overlooked by me until some time ago I was looking for a better solution to create some dubdelay thingy. You know, like a delay but than the delayed sound gets filtered (lowpassed or anything like). This is easily tricked with Chorus, the only thing you need to do is get the Delay up and the change some filter parameters. Omgz so easy, and so hot!

And in some way I love to put some Chorus on rimshots (with like the lowest rate and no delay) - gives me an oldschool house feel in some way. :s

Anyways, the dsp’s gave me endless possibilities already. It was really pointless of me installing so much VSTe’s on this PC… heh. :D

Wow it’s interesting see this discussion, since I also “discovered” chorus a few days ago :) I was trying to make vocal part sound kinda robotish and I stumbled across chorus effect. It’s completely amazing! I was working with plain female voice and you can check my song to see how the chorus changed that intro something completely wicked :) (the vocal part is near the end of the tune).

Kudos to the developers!