I Love This Song


:walkman: B)


I would like to be that guitar :unsure:

Artemiev rocks.


by the way, I suggest you to listen to the whole “Alien Love Secrets” EP which contains this song. I think it’s a very underrated album, by Steve Vai itself, and it is probably one of the albums I have listened the most during my 20’s

Soviet culture is underrated. I suggest you to listen to the whole Soviet Culture EP, where P is petabytes.

I had a listen, it just didn’t really ring any bells…maybe with more time, but it all felt pretty middle of the road/annoying compared to this track. It just holds so much soul and melodic understanding…people say its musical masturbation, i say that’s the best wank a musician could ever have.

wasn’t really aware of steve vai’s mad skills until now. even though one might be tempted to call the whole thing pretentious or somewhat übercheesy, it’s yeah… really goooood :guitar:

hilarious video, how he emphasizes the skillz with equal impressive facial movements and body thrusts.

vai’s finest tbh


love that video
have you seen this?