I Love You Guys

I am so happy that Renoise has such a cool community with a lot of talented musicians. In fact, most of my freetime I listen to tracks you made. That is by far better than the crap, that is released by the music industry.

What I really like about the community is, that you’re helping each other in how to do stuff with Renoise but also with Wavelab or even Cubase. And then, there are those spontaneous compos and so on.

I hope, this community will stay this cool.

Best regards,

Marcel S. aka “Dope”


I’m learning lots here… and hopefully helping others too! There’s no where else to go to share my weird little interest in Renoise. The only people I know in my region who write music eletronically use Cubase or Logic. And they’ve never really impressed me with what they do.

Here I can download something so random, like that tune from Satobox last year, and learn all sorts of tricks. There still are some very nice people who are releasing RNS files that I can learn skills from. I had a big thread with It-Alien last year about switching between F1xx / Fxxx commands to get cool beat changes, and you know what? I wrote a song yesterday that used about 14 of those changes. Now I really don’t have to use pattern lengths of 60 or C0, I can switch to tripplets whenever I want! Too me long enough…

The more we can work on tunes the less we worry about whether or not the devs are doing x or y and when the next version is coming out the better. Our evolution lies in the artful way we can create music that represents us.

Ya dude! :yeah:

I love the community also, but someday i´ll go comercial

yea much love from me aswell, not only cuz its the place where my work(station) has its origin but cuz you actually post good music and fancy links. :P

love! (in a non-gay, platonic way)