I M Looking For Webplayer For Tracker Formats

I m looking for webplayer for tracker formats. Is could be a good thing to put on games pages so players could turn actual game’s music off and listen other music which is very good size in such formats(cuz mp3 is big).
Any ine know if there such web player(s) for .it or .rns or .xm at least?
It is also a pity flash not have a thing to put such music into flash games…

ModPlug plugin: http://www.modplug.com/

didn’t winamp have some kind of mod plugin? or is this the thing Johann mentiones.

Dude, you’re the plugexpert? :P

For winamp there is http://www.rift.dk/page.php?1 (this is the better choice though: http://www.deliplayer.com/ ) , and hivelytracker also has a winamp plugin - but that’s winamp, not web browser.

I prefer JetAudio and it perfectly plays MODs.

It better should, considering it weighs 20+ MB :lol: :lol: :lol:


http://www.chipamp.org/ (loads of links there also, great site!)

Does anyone know if SIDPlug can still be downloaded somewhere?? The original page is gone, but if it was open source it should not be a problem to host it elsewhere?

Winamp isn’t bad at all when it comes to playing mods. I repeat, “isn’t bad”.
The ultimate player would be Schism Tracker, it’s a re-code of Impulse Tracker (just like the original) but fits the XP/Vista platform like a glove. Plays any kind of module absolutely perfect!
Check it out, http://rigelseven.com/schism/dl/schismtrac…5rc1-win32.zip
It’s easy, F9 to load modules, F5 to play. You’ll get the benefit of seeing the modules’ bowels. :w00t:

In combination with ChipAmp it rocks… how do you render a batch of tunes to .wav with schismtracker for example?

Of course, if you want to see all of it there is no way around a tracker, but if you don’t… XMPlay and Deliplayer have pattern view too and support way more formats ;)

But: what about browser plugins? Is there more than the modplug plugin and SIDplug, and where can SIDplug be found anyway? Questions, questions…