I Made A Music Video For One My Recent (Electro House) Tunes.

Not really, I just put an explosion in it. Explosions make everything better, hence this song is now far better. drummer.gif

Man, I love that explosion. Cool-looking logo too.
Visuals aside, I think that’s a pretty awesome track. Good work, man.

Nice tune.

Any relation to Brucie? :D

That’s an awesome track, man the “chorus”-part is catchy! :)

Hey thanks guys! :yeah: I’m working on more of this shit after this track got some label interest.

I got my friend who’s a budding graphic designer to do the logo for me, Because he’s my friend i got it for free!

I have an Uncle Bruce forsyth believe it or not, but he’s a farmer. Also I live in tasmania so it’s unlikely that they’re the same person and teleport between working on a farm and being a media personality :(

I promise the next one will have a lot more explosions.

wow the explosion did enhance my experience of the muzak ! kudos :P

besides that your mixdown quality is pretty good man. lot’s of layers without them cloggin up the spectrum, well done!

True, true :P Explosion made this track a lot better :)

Woah, totally reminds me of that Skrillex EP (kill everybody)! Sounds great. There’s a lot going on, musta been a formidable looking xrns file :D

Ugh it was formidable to work on, it was 57 tracks overall, 25 instances of massive, many of which had large amounts of unison on them. It far outstripped the power of my feeble laptop, It took 35 minutes to render at 48Khz 16 bit. I had to have my asion buffer set to 44.1 and 2048 samples to work on it at all. :blink:

Sweet lord this is a wicked track.

Mmmmmmm complextro. <3