I made my first XRNI

I’ve been on a gear binge recently. Some of this kit aka monotron’s are not really playable or easily sequancable. So I will be sampling them to use them. This is a sample taken from a Korg Monotron Duo. I’m planning to make a lot more similar instruments, perhaps even start my own little library. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated particularly with the looping and levels. Also if I’m doing anything obviously wrong.

Download: https://truck.it/p/Cxcg1JCWTl

Looking forward to testing this !


I made a smaller version by cutting the sample (not using slices) and starting the loop earlier, I don’t think there’s much difference in sound, but it’s only a 1/10 the size of yours.

Use it if you like it…

atte, the link doesn’t seem to work

Here is the fixed link

Thanks for the feedback. I have dabbled with various ways of doing it even down to isolating a single waveform. I was slightly resentful of losing the analogue dynamics of the sound by trimming the samples. You’re right though looping a 6 second note may be a bit excessive. I’ll try getting 3 seconds or so.

It`s a nice little set - definitely worth cutting down a bit with no loss of quality. Is it possible to tune the thing to get more of a range of Octaves? If not, I would suggest having 3/4 different sounds in one!

I have been making XRNIs recently for a range of things - I might throw my hat in soon. It would be cool to have one location where they are all stored; like they do on most music software sites.

It’s sort of tunable.

There is a pitch knob you can use to get the next octave up but it’s manual.

I have just done a quick test and made this http://dyn.dink.io/Files/Renoise/XRNI/Instruments/Monotron%20Duo/Multisample/Squaretastic.xrni the results are promising. There isn’t much noticable glide across the octaves. I should probably be able to get 4 - 5 complete octaves out of it. I’ll probably try making a better patch this evening.

Looking forward to hearing it!

Finally got around to doing it. Here’s 4 complete octaves of a patch on the monotron duo. http://dyn.dink.io/Files/Renoise/XRNI/Instruments/Monotron%20Duo/Multisample/Squrlo.xrni

The biggest problem I had here was normalasing the volume it seems to vary as you move up the scale on the boxes. Nothing that couldn’t be solved with a compressor/limiter.

Hopefully I’ll get around to doing some more. Now I know what to do it should be much faster.

These are really great, guys! Thanks for sharing!

I have a Monotron and a Monotribe, but I haven’t been using Renoise much lately, and would have never thought to turn my samples into XRNIs. It may not have been the purpose of your post, but I do appreciate the reminder.

Great, cheers man! Gotta get me one of these