I Made My Own Site :d

I was asking friends and relatives for a year now who wanted to make a site for me.
But most of them didn’t have the time or were to expensive.

So a few weeks ago I said to myself: Do it yourself bitch!

After a few google searches I ended up with a program called “Bluevoda
After making my site I found out that I have to buy webspace from bluevoda to publish my site.
But I allready had some space from a friend.
So I saved my pages in the previeuw-mode in the browser and opened it in “Dreamweaver”
The rest of the process I did with youtube tutorials an forums.

SO CHECK IT OUT! www.charlylinch.com

I still have to resize my pics in a descent program because resizing in paint is really ugly :P

Please give me feedback about my site!

niftoid! really like the main photo :D
also it has a coherent style, really dig that

oh, if anybody else is in need of a suggestive biography, pm me!
void pointer and charly linch have one and I enjoy writing too much.


I added some extra pictures after my post above.
That gives more content to look at in stead of only an arial text area.

You live in 2009?

Cool site.

Thanx I’ll fix it!

Oooh… new tracks… cranks up the amplitude

great website, i like the main pic, I never listened to your music before today and you’re awesome! Great tunes, superb drums!


bitchin kicks dude. new tunes sound great. nice site.

neat one althought i don’t like the default font and its alignment, plus the way the main image (which is freakin’ great) merges into the background is kinda obsolete, i bet if you do a re-design, it can appear more like a whole.

I saw my site on a expensive monitor yesterdy and yes… the colour is not the same of the background and the main pic.
Going to work on that!

And the alignment… I’m going to play with it, maybe I can make it better.

Thanx for the tips!

Poor CS1x :frowning:

oh… added “renoise.com” to my links page.

how could I forget :blink:

Haha “An1x” but I get the point :P

Nice website…

I notice that some pictures could be a bit better…

oh if you want to use the pic that I took of your album, it’s yours. I could send you a hi-res version.

The main-picture just rocks :) That creates the whole feeling what people can “get” on your site. I like it very much although the “graffiti-style” is not my cup of tea.

That would be awesome!

I sended a PM!