I need all useful suggestions for a new Ultimate calculator app

Okay, so guys, dish out all the helpful features of a calculator? I am getting the hang of programming a multi-purpose calculator, but it would be non-xrnx. I don’t think an xrnx file would work well unless there’s way too many windows that pop up in Renoise, it’ll be very strange to implement. Plus I was making a separate app before that one I posted a while ago that I sent, that actually tunes the C-4 Key of an A-4 Key reference tuning original key and you can get the fine-tune value to adjust, I actually don’t know how useful that is actually, probably it’s a stupid idea, I guess I was just having fun with it. If you use specific types of calculators yourself, anywhere online or anywhere else strictly for music. Tell me what they are. And of course you can trust my bin files, why would I screw up my Renoise Forum Account and my registration? I read that reply somewhere on one of those posts. When I was a teenager I wanted to make viruses, now as a middle-aged man, I want to dish out free apps. I made an Ultimate Password Generator, a Cipher/Decipher app among other things. I just wish I had a Mac and a Windows computer, so I can make sure they’re bug free. >_< I would suggest dual-booting with the distro AntiX Linux which I use, you can use Windows VSTs on it through a wrapper. And This AntiX on a netbook boots on a 5,400 RPM hard-drive like UEFI booting. It’s pretty damn fast and Windows 10 took forever to boot on this thing that I use. And it’s actually more useful than Windows. And very snappy and responsive on this low-grade machine I use. If you don’t want to dual-boot, I guess an VM emulator? LMFAO! where am I even going with this? okay, bye.

BPM to msec to Hz to note name conversions plus multiple msec delay values are usually what I use calculators for in music. Would be sweet to have all of that built in to a little renoise tool

So, that’s all you would need? Sounds good I’ll try to learn the whole Lua thing then? :thinking:

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Wow, this is pretty cool when I read a Lua Script, screw the whole stand-alone calculator, I’m gonna work on it. :smiley:

Cool. Respect for the coding knowledge. I still don’t have the patience for it lol

I know what you mean, I have to learn Lua and just ditch C++ for a while to do something useful for the Renoise, unless I can manipulate Renoise’s memory addresses somehow, lol.

When I saw a calculator example for Lua, I was like wtf? You have to manually make calculation functions? In C++ It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3. or simple as Do-Re-Mi. A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, baby, you and me, girl!