I Need Some Advice, I Want To Buy Controller

Hi, I want to buy a midi controller. Obviously this is a personal decision, but I want some feedback because I never used a controller.
First I thought in a standard midi keyboard, then In a Launchpad, and now I want to know about controllers with faders and knobs. The problem is… I have a limited amount of money.
Theres some kind of controller with knobs or knobs and faders for the price of a launchpad?
These are different tools, and I want both of them (a grid like controller and something with a lot of knobs to modulate), but now I can only buy one.

If it’s knobs or faders alone you’re after, I’d consider the behringer bcf2000. Faders are motorised! which is great if you are going through multiple banks. I think there’s already a duplex preset for it too.

Maybe you can go to a local music shop where they sell different controllers and try out a few before splashing the dough?

I’d recommend a Behringer BCF/BCR 2000 or a Novation Remote SL 25. We use both and wouldn’t want anything else after trying plenty of controllers.

Where Im living now theres no shop (only guitars, keyboards, but nothing for the electronic musician) I will buy it via internet.

You should check this out.

The Behringer bcf & bcr 2000 are available here, the bcf is more expensive. The BCR has a lot of Knobs but no faders and the BCF has only 8 knobs, but 8 cool faders…
Its a pain in the ass to use knobs as faders?

http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-118000347-behringer-bcr2000-midiusb-c32-potes-rotativos-_JM (things are more expensive in Argentina)

I’m thinking of buying a BCR, too, but I don’t know how far midi-feedback
(values are set to knobs and buttons on start of song with midimap, like “is muted”)
is in Renoise.
Some other topics mention, that this is still not implemented.
For now I use the nanoKontrol wich is very handy too.

I have BCR2k and love it, it has a such a great editor made by Mark, it makes editing a breeze.
Some people don’t like the motorized sliders, (noise) I don’t know, never had one.
I don’t find it hard to turn a knob as opposed to a slider…
In Argentina BCR is more then twice its price…If I was you, I would get a second hand one from US, but have it sent USPS priority, not express
and NEVER by UPS, DHL or others, these fuckers bring!! your stuff to the customs where they collect fees and your gear is evaluated and taxed accordingly…
Maybe you have a friend in US?
good luck

been buying/selling midi controllers throughout the years the ones I use most

  • Evolution X-Session (old discontinued model, not the one that looks like a mixer)

cross-fader, very important for mp3j’ing, knobs and buttons for fx, light as fuck

  • MPD24

pads + ASIO (with a nice sound interface) makes this controller the most important composition tool i’ve ever owned.

  • Axiom 25

only for the keys; the pads and knobs are complete shit.

I bought a Vestax VCM-600 that comes with a cut down version of Live.
Works perfect with renoise and all the buttons, knobs and sliders all map without any problem.
I also have a Novation controller keyboard, the sl compact.
I like the way the rotaries work when you change encoder groups but the pots themselves can be a bit hit and miss.

I got a BCF2000 that I’m happy with.

Bare in mind that Renoise (afaik) and duplex doesn’t yet support automation recording, making controllers in Renoise quite useless imo other than for live usage (like the launchpad). You can record automation natively without duplex but then you won’t have have any feedback (motorization et c).

Correct me if I’m wrong.

As Joel says MIDI-Mapped in Renoise you can record Automation, it’s only Duplex that doesn’t/can’t support it.

Means you can’t have both MIDI-Feedback (for your motorised faders or endless encoders) and Automation recording, plus a few other initiatives from Duplex.

Unless that has somehow finally been worked around and I missed it too…

(Sorry to repeat you but your first sentence makes it look like you’re saying Renoise can’t record automation.)

Thanks for repeating kazakore. Hmm…

Yeah but if you just read this bit of yours:

“Bare in mind that Renoise (afaik) and duplex doesn’t yet support automation recording, making controllers in Renoise quite useless imo other than for live usage”

It looks very much like you’re saying Renoise can’t record automation at all and just wanted to make sure it was clear this is not the case.

“You can record automation natively without duplex but then you won’t have have any feedback (motorization et c).”

Thanks for letting me clarify once again.

But why did you mention Renoise, rather than just Duplex, in the first part at all? Especially with a “(afaik)” after it! Renoise CAN, Duplex CAN’T. Without careful reading very much makes it look like you are saying Renoise can not record automation, which is not correct! Not sure why you are acting the little bitch when I was doing was making sure your comment was understood as you meant it, because the way you wrote it could very easily be misread, especially by people who do not have English as their first language!

Ok, kazakore. Thanks for being a big helper on the forums. You’re doing a great job.

Can’t say if you guys are arguing or flirting, but don’t let me disturb you. :P