I Need To Hire A Talented Arranger

Hi there!

Between gigs, managing my club and my booking agency i have no more time to “finish” my tracks.
I have loads of tracks to release in hardtek - hardcore - uk hardcore and also electro house.
the main theme, the climax and the second theme are done in most of the tracks but i need someone to develop it in dj format, add fx etc … all that i dont have time to do.
That’s why i need to hire someone to make the arrangements for me. The deal would be a fixed fee or a rights share.
If someone is interested please answer :)
Thank ya

I might be interested… How many tracks? Do you have a, “try me,” or, “audition,” project? Some of my soundcloud tunes… http://soundcloud.com/audio-ghost

i dunno… send a PM,

if not, no worries…



I could be willing to give something a go but not sure how much in the way of promises of being hugely production within a certain space of time I could give.

Also you really need to be a little clearer on the state of the compositions. I assume you are planning on sharing the project files, right? So are they purely Renoise native? Or are people going to need to have the same plugins as you use? In which case you need to list which and possibly what version too. Or use bounced-down tracks, where a lot of the free reign to work with the stems/composition will be lost.

yes it would be about sharing xrns projects

i ll provide missing plugins (i dont use lot of different vst/vsti’s)

the tracks are already 2’00 / 2’30 lenght with main phases.

please provide examples

this track for example

yeah it s just a raw export… don’t care of the ugly mix please

I really don’t have the time to be your arranger, maybe sometime in the not so distant future if i can free up some space. Best wishes.