I Really Need Your Help

My computer is toast and i’m just trying to raise some funds…so i put together this little 4 song zip from some cd’s i had in my car

If you would like to help me out - there is a donation link on my website or on myspace.

anyways, thank you and i hope you like it.

what do you guys think about this stuff?

I’d really like to purchase a kidwolfman album*. IMHO you’ve got all the ingredients

I just happened to think of one of my friends, who once told me (right after one of my many hd crashes) it was a pity I didn’t publish any of my music - at least, I would have a backup waiting for me in the local record store!!! So there…

(*) An album: archaic music format, a collection of music with a pre-determined order - as opposed to i.e. an mp3 playlist


thanks foo :)
Australia!? AUSome!

why aren’t you signed yet?
props for using the long standing hip hop tradition of using sleigh bells as percussion.

I should be able to donate something btw

haha sleigh bells… i forget which break that was, anyways thanks man.
who’s signing these days? I’ve been sending emails to planet-mu for like a year - no response.
I also sent demos to a handful of places all over Europe with no response.
Jason Forrest from CockRockDisco got back to me a couple times and then just stopped replying.
any ideas?