"i See" By Myself And Henriette

As many of you know, Henriette made a generous offer to provide lyrics/vocals to our music.

She had requested something that had a piano and I had a song I composed that she felt was excellent for some very uplifting lyrics she wrote so I began making the proper modifications and a dozen or so emails back and forth to get it “right” and here we have it.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Enjoy -


Awsome song! Really nice melodies. :walkman:
Lacks a bit of bass tho… sounds really good when I crank upp the bass on my stereo. And I’d might want to move the vocals a little bit forward, and add some compression.

Me like. :)

Here’s my chiptune-like remix. :)

Here my thoughts :

the first sometimes sounds false . I would blame the echo(reverbz), but It comes good with the Piano …

The second is a lot nicer , cool beat , pitty about the chippy sounds . A sweet baseline would give more depth to the song.

But overall realy nice :slight_smile:

The natural sound of that certain drum is super punchy and I guess I was to eq happy with it. I restored some of the bass. Please let me know if it is too much or an improvement without going overboard.

I also used some compression on the vocals and I changed the width of those voice tracks which seemed to have brought the vocals more forward. Let me know if you notice this as well please.

Thank you for the comment about the melodies. Henriette really did a great job with her lyrics and her singing with the song is a perfect match. Now if I can only get the mastering part down :wink:

Sagosen - Very nice remix! You work too fast! Slow down you are going to give yourself whiplash. Kidding aside I liked the chip sounds.

Looking for more feedback. Anyone else care to comment?

Same link to find the newer version with minor changes -


The EQ sounds fine to me, but the drums are a bit too loud. The vocals sound perfect now. Still a bit towards the back (or maybe that’s just because of the drums), but it fits well… kinda fragile sounding. Good work!

I like the chipsounds myself, but there should be a BIT more on it to make it perfect. :) I want it chippy!

Might make another remix, but then again maybe not.

And Trepain, I don’t work fast! Hehe… I have my days, and then I don’t. About your mix; Dunno for sure, I hear all elements nicely, the vocals sound nice but could be maybe SLIGHTLY more up front in the mix, and the snaredrum might be a tad loud indeed. But you’re close now! :)

Still like it, oh yes indeed!