I Shouldn't Do This, But...

I know, I know, I should be more patient and actually FINISH my tunes before I post them, but this is made for a kind of ballet, and won’t be used in its entire, and thus won’t be finished now as I have to focus on other tracks for the dance-piece.

Yep, I got a job as a composer for a couple of dancers, yee! Not well paid as they work for nothing in the beginning, a risk but potentially somthing very nice. AND a start!

Anyway, to the piece: I made it thinking of Hunz (the mood and beat of the second part, hope it’s not too rip-off) and a sad setting, most samples are from Sampletank. Bless’em.

Anyway, here’s the download! Hope ya can dig it, will post more tunes as I finish them for this perticular job. :)

Like this one Sagosen. The opening tek bit is very good, unresolving chords and melody is good.

I’m not so much a fan of the colour of the strings and verb. They sound too fake for some reason, in which case I would have used something weirder sounding with the same dynamics.

It looses steam a little toward the end, so I think you need to get heavier and thicker and faster, then draw it back down for the outro.