I Suck At Teh Math!


I dont know excel, but my approach would be this :

600 seconds equal 209 months, that means that

1 months = 2,87 seconds

if 1 bar = 2,87 seconds this means the bpm is 20,9 bpm,

four times is : 83,6 bpm (or 167,2bpm if eight times)

so just start a song with 84 bpm (to get rid of those rounding-errors and stay under 10 minutes)

and 4 bars in that song represent one month.

still you have to determine the amount of months by hand, but thats not that hard, is it ?!

if it is, take a piece of squared paper and make a table with 12 columns for the months and one row for each year, now you can easily count the months if you put the start and end date in there.

btw, its a pretty cool idea and given the fact that 4 bars are one month this whole thing won’t even turn out to be totally chaotic.



lol, I keep my name, but thanx. :D

And that was not a diss on excel, I just never used those spreadsheet programs.



wrote some stuff here that was abit too much to throw at you, if you want and are online in about an hour or so, write me a mail, drop me your ICQ or AIM number and I try to help you.

its really simple.

but if anyone else is really interested in this I can also make it public … just yell.


okay, I dont own max, I have no idea about it, but I know reaktor and I guess its the same.

also, why use db ? isnt there this linear gain thing *~ ? read that somewhere after googling it.

also, you need to explain that deprecation thing, what is it based on ? that the worth is gone after 10 years ? or that it started with 70 and goes down per 7?
I mean, explain the deprecation thing for me with something that starts at 200. does it go to 0 also in 10 years ? or does it also go down by 7, this way taking 28,5 years to reach zero.

explain that and I go on.

depreciation is the rate at which something loses market value, expressed in money per time


I know what depreciation is, I just wanted to know what his idea is based about, that stuff becomes “obsolete” after a few years or if it was based on percentages (because thats something different from just subtracting 7 € per year).

and I would really like to hear the result anyway. I need to have a look on my bandwidth because I already spent 40% of the 5gig I can have this month (urgh) but maybe drop a link, would be great.