I Take Risks ...

and go to see jason forrest live tomorrow …
because since alexstrain started it here I got interested in that kind of music … I wonder what will happen there.

Thats it. Its all over for me. I’ve been categorised


well sorry, really didnt mean to ! :(

first of all I was referring to that breakcore set you posted some time ago.

All this music is really new to me and I have yet to find a way in that. So I am at a point where I basically try to exclude things (its not house, triphop, d&b ) and try to find atleast some basic similarities.

however, what about jason for(r?)rest ? I heard two CDs, they were way to stressy to be listened at home, but it might look different with some beer, live-action and alot of lightshow … I am really looking forward to it. :lol:

s’all good, was taken on board as praise ;)

I’ve never heard of this guy before, got some interesting music

I just comment as this is something nobody has really done before - compare my music to someone elses - I’ve become much more accustomed to people telling me “wtf is that, sounds kinda strange…”, etc, which was innitially taken as insults :P

as far as I was able to comprehend it by listening to his music he samples 70s disco music (something I do too) and really beats the crap out of it (something I dont do). especially that record “The Unrelenting Songs Of The 1979 Post Disco Crash” was a flash, I did know quite alot of the samples, but what he did to them … <_<

he certainly has a retro flavour.

sounds like he puts a bit more planning into his tracks than yours truly, I tend to just follow a vibe till I get bored of it or stumble upon another train of thought accidentally. Its all pretty ad hoc :)

on wikipedia jason is listed as an example for breakcore (under his “donna summer”-alias). just so you know :lol:

wow, that was a great evening. not much people showed up unfortunately, but anyway. first some djing, then a gig by two guys called “the assdroids”, very cool. they started each song with some computer-breakcore-songs, that played a while and then they jumped to drums and guitar and continued there. very intense. after that jason forrest with only a g3 laptop, making jokes, dancing, screaming and playing disco, jazz and breakcore versions of his songs on request.

It was really cool.