I Thought Firefox Was Open Source, And Not It Seems:

Wasn’t there a time, when Firefox was an Open Source Web Browser? Now it seems Firefox is a not for profit company. Did it change, or am I wrong, and its always been, “not for profit?”


I thought the same when somebody said something to me the other day about the maybe going bust due to a massive security breach and loosing out to Chrome and others or something being in the news, which I thought was very odd as I said I thought it was FOSS. Didn’t get around to checking the facts though. Maybe this is what the news actually was as my friend didn’t seem to have a real clue and I’ve done no research on the matter…

And by research I do just mean typing Mozilla into Wikipedia! ;)

Or simply go to mozilla.org

Wikipedia is more informative :P

Company and not-for-profit.

Code licensing:

So while it is open source software there is a taxable arm of the corporation.

^ that is the reason why in many Linux distributions you have Iceweasel running instead of Firefox, which is simply an unbranded version of Firefox. both the name and the logo are branded, and may therefore not be used without permission, from what i understand.

Didn’t know about that but seems it was actually due to Debian making modifications, not cleared by Mozilla, yet continuing to use their brand names.

Firefox is available, in fact installed as default, in Fedora; which as far as I understand has stricter requirements than Debian and many others based upon it (such as Ubuntu) about not having software that isn’t entirely, including all of its dependencies, FOSS. Hence the reason for the RPMFusion repository very much being required in addition to the official one if you are to get your computer up to much of a usable standard (such as being able to play anything based on an MPEG format from mp3 to h.264 and beyond.)

^ ok, seems i didn’t get my facts right :) thanks for clearing that up.

Firefox works really well, so I assumed it was not open source

Nice sophism there ;)

What does the legal status of a company producing software have to do with the software’s license? Red Hat produces all of it’s software under free licenses and it’s a billion dollar public company. Firefox is definitely an open source program, although it’s license is a bit controversial in terms of branding - the license forbids the usage of Mozilla’s branding on the software if it’s modified, the definition of “modified” is rather vague.