I Wannabe — «Andrew» / «The Same» EP [Clear Conceptions]


I Wannabe — «Andrew» / «The Same» EP

Label: Clear Conceptions

Country: UK

Genre: drum and bass



aa.The Same





Guys, what do you think about this release?

Nice! At least i got something that you like :slight_smile:

I love drum&bass.

Nice and gritty bass. Tight percussion.

In the second one… Love this melodic stuff with the underlying bassline.

So overall, I think it’s good stuff.

But I have a question. How is it drum&bass? I’ve heard these type of half tempo tracks mixed into d&b mixes before. But if it isn’t 160-180bpm and doesn’t have a beat similar to BtKttBKt, then how is it considered d&b? It seems it should be “stuff loosely affiliated with d&b that was made by a d&b producer” or something like that.

Just curious?

You’re absolutely right, these sound a lot more different from classic drum and bass. we can call this drum and bass or call it something different style, in both times we will be right.
I prefer to call this as sub-genre of drum and bass (halfstep, deep drum and bass) just because it was produced by drum and bass producer and mostly associated with drum and bass (mixed in drum and bass mixes, played in drum and bass parties, released at drum and bass labels and marked as drum and bass in stores).

Do you remember that time when dubstep was marked as subgenre drum and bass in shops just because lots of drum and bass producers started to produce tracks in that genre? Now it’s strong separate genre (not sub genre), that has own subgenres (deep dubstep, dancefloor and even trap :slight_smile: ). So there can be possibility this one became own strong genre (someday :slight_smile: )