I Want Lili357 Back

Yesterday, Kaneel pointed out to me that he went personal on peoples profiles, doing really uncivil things. Ok, he’s a real marak suda, no discussion about that. But it’s also true, he is a consequent reviewer of songs, but more often than not he was totally negative. If someone said something - bad or good - to him, he blasted.
Now, are we as a community obliged to give people who do wrong a second change and in a way re-educate them? Or do they deserve the oubliëtte?

Edit: I’m still curious about his music he promissed all the time :)

As a former admin at quite a large site with a number of these type of people active on it, which we were very lenient with, I say yes, everyone’s (almost) entitled to a second chance. I won’t vote, but I’m all for letting people have a chance to prove themselves, I don’t know if it’ll make any difference tho heh, but then again you never do. With that said, I don’t know the extent of his bad behavior, so I’ll trust the admins to do what they see fit.

Yeah, let’s make a big fucking deal out of this! Woohoo! :D

what about a dedicate forum section?

…like trash, for example :)

1000 times no.

He had his second chance, and his third, and his fourth, and his…

Let him find somewhere else to troll.

Lilly already had his second chance and also after that he got several warnings.
He simply has exploited all possible resources to rehabilitate his manners to a bearable level.

There is no solid ground for continueing this debate.