I Want The Old Distortion Back :(

…the new one just doesn’t seem as raw and crunchy :(

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Camel Crusher is free though, so use that…

Would be nice to have something as good as that in Renoise however!

If… Distortion in 1.8 is set in “Amp” mode and the filter is disabled… and… Distortion2 in 1.9 is set in “Razor” mode with the tone parameter set to 0%… then it is possible to get almost identical sounds. It seems that you need to set the drive parameter a few % higher in 1.9 before they match exactly, but it is possible, and 1.9 certainly sounds just as raw and crunchy as 1.8 under these circumstances.

However, if using some kind of filter in 1.8, or some tone adjustment in 1.9, the differences between them become a lot more obvious, so maybe this is mainly what you were referring to. I don’t think there’s any problem with this, as the Distortion2 can -definitely- make some evil sounds… it’s just a bit different, that’s all. Nothing I couldn’t get used to personally.

But, if you insist on the old 1.8 sound, here’s a simple trick…

  • Load Renoise 1.8
  • Add Distortion to a track
  • Save the DSP Chain in the Disk Browser
  • Load the saved DSP Chain into Renoise 1.9



You can download the chain of old effects here (rightclick and save as) and then load this into 1.9.

Damn Vv you beat me to it! I should have done that weeks ago!

w00t!!! … still though, what’s wrong with having the deprecated effects in the effects list too? Perhaps there could be an option that says “Show old DSP effects” in the options dialog. Just a thought ;)