I Want This For Renoise!

soooo great!

The mouse actually scares me :o

This thread must be banned for containg explicit and excessive sexual content :D

… and i want this to be supported by renoise plus a person kind enough to deliver $ 7,995.00 for the purchase. ;)

24 touch-sensitive, motorized faders

I like this lemur thingy.

pricetag is way too high for me, but this surely is interesting.


you know youre onto proper audio software when someone makes a comment like that and you go “hmmm that could actually be done!”

there are blindfolded rubiks cubers afterall :P

But smoking is bad…

And that is why you need (for Renoise) a poster listing (a fraction of) the horrible stuff that is in cigarettes ;)

… except when in France.

Commercials for smoking are also prohibited on the Renoise forum…
We have minors using Renoise you know?

this is what we really need near to Renoise:

(price: $197,000)