I Want To Donate To Freeware Authors!

I can’t create an account with PayPal. Thanks to them, I’m unable to donate to a variety of freeware authors whom I believe deserve a reward for their work.

I reckon this to be the problem: When I go shopping elsewhere, they have Puerto Rico listed as a country, then I could enter city and zip code according to my credit card and I always get through. With PayPal, you have to choose United States as country and then Puerto Rico as state, but the entry form keeps asking me for a valid city, state, zip code and password. I’ve tried this at least five times and it’s really ticking me off. I go to various websites to check out free VST plug-ins, and the more PayPal try to intrude with their advertisements, the angrier I get.

Moreover, I sent PayPal an e-mail telling them about my problem, but they just came back with a phone number to Omaha, Nebraska, USA to call them. I got absolutely nothing useful out of calling them, because I was unable to talk to a real person.

This sounds like I’m whining, or that I’m coming up with a weak excuse for not donating. If that were true, I would have never registered RENOISE. If that were true, I would have just downloaded REAPER and kept using it without giving up a penny (btw I actually have a non-commercial license :) ). I have to share these feelings somewhere because I feel I’m the only one having this problem.

Please tell me what are your experiences with PayPal, good or bad. If you could suggest a solution for me, I would greatly appreciate it. :)


I made a paypal account a few days ago and it works okay for me!
I’ve made a knob on my myspace with “Buy now” for my cd and it has been used in the 3 days that I have it 2 times!!
That’s awesome!!

but your story sounds not cool.
find a friend where you live who haves a paypal account and ask how he did it!

good luck.