I want to move my scripts to GitHub

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I want to move my Lua scripts from Google Code to GitHub.

My issues:

  • Cool?
  • If I do this can I keep the com.renoise ID or should I change it? How would auto-upgrades work here?

Bigger discussion:

  • Google Code is closing the downloads section come December. The StarterPack files will need to be moved.
  • Move the whole project to GitHub. Git vs SVN.


Fine by me, but then don’t know if there are other conditions to consider aside from ease of hosting, forking, and contributing.

I would never switch back to a version control tool that was not distributed. I prefer git over, say, Mercurial, but would use either in a heartbeat over subversion. The workflow is just far and away much better with something like git.

What’s wrong with the good old Sourceforce?
It still allows you SVN access and share files for download.

In my day-to-day I use Git and Github now. SVN is extra overhead I don’t want to deal with anymore. I can’t see it being a valuable skill-set moving forward. By moving my projects to GitHub it improves my understanding of Git (and distributed CVS) which is important to me.

I think that SourceForge allows Git and Mercurial now as well…

Done. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

I didn’t know there was anything but the documentation that comes with Renoise by default on that google code site! (Handy for linking though!)
Nicely done Conner

PS renoise scripts folder can actually be your git repo without a problem, really cool.




“And it’s about time”

I’m personally looking forward to using a better issue tracker than before.


how are you guys loading these into renoise? clone the repo & symlink the tools? something else?

@Cas what did you mean by “renoise scripts folder can actually be your git repo without a problem, really cool.”

For now I symlink each individual folder into /home/dac/.renoise/V3.0.1/Scripts/Tools/, 24 symlinks thus far.

I think this can be improved. Brainstorming in this thread welcome?