I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Oh, you have made a sweet Christmas cover! Nice to hear a warmer track from Renoise. I miss some!
I really like there are recorded parts with guitare and vocals.

Personnaly I have still a lot of difficulty to include some live-recorded parts on my own compositions, but I’m working on!

Have a nice Christmas holidays! :evergreen_tree: :sparkles:

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This is great!!!Superb singing and composition. Merry Christmas to you too

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Thanks! Yes, I think the warmth comes from the excellent new Vital synth, free-ish from Matt Tytel – I used a gorgeous pad sound that just has that Christmassy ambience. The vocal reverbs in Logic also give it that all-encompassing “cushion” of air around my voice, evening out the transients and filling up space with warm air. (A little auto-tune doesn’t hurt either).
I generally have pretty good results recording guitar and bass live into Renoise, but I always end up having to make a choice between letting my imperfect take play through or chopping the sample mercilessly and trying to piece together all the slices in proper time (this almost never works). Logic has some nice flex-time features so you can correct for off-beat notes and stuff. It’s a bit more forgiving than Renoise in that respect.
But for roughing out a song quickly, getting the overall chord progression and structure laid down first, Renoise just makes it so fast. I used the ChordLord extension from @EatMe to program all the synths and pianos in it – that alone is reason to use Renoise as a starting place for compositions.

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Inspired by the Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack

All feedback welcome and appreciated.

Edit: I think the strings could’ve been mixed a little higher in terms of volume, but that might just be the ear playing tricks on me.


So true! :joy:
That why I switch sometime to another DAW (Ableton) for ajusting a live-recorded sample. But I love the simplicity of the Renoise sample editor too!

@trueschool …when you practice the piece you want to play, after a day or 2, you will be able to play the whole tune flawlessly in one take. If you do -not- practice your part, then it is difficult to play the correct chord scheme in one (of the first) take(s).

Your song does not have the most difficult chord scheme to play for 5 minutes, with little mistakes, even on improvised play, and after 2 days of practice, it will sound good.

The most difficult part of seperate recording sessions is to get it sound the same as all previous recording sessions, I prefer doing songs in one full song take per stem.

I am happy to see one of the first resulting tunes made with assistance of ChordLord (latest v: 1.8.217 on forum/1.80 in the Tools 3.1 section w/ 217 chord types), thanks for the note.


My notion of Christmas.


What a nice surprise this song is.So well done I really can’t say anything against it.Ths is ready for some vocal work

older beat that i’ve just uploaded

Nice scratching and a rich bass, thanks! : )

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Transition at 3:30 is fantastic!

Thanks, it was done solely in bitwig by using ‘sampler’ :slight_smile:

it’s crazy what you can come up with within single DAW these days… I’ve used to use virtualdj for scratching, binding fader position, but nowadays this is even possible in DAW by using native devices!

Thanks for checking out!

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Hello beginner here. I like it, it’s well produced I think. But maybe (maybe) you could mix the drums louder in some parts that need to be punchy (not sure it’s a good practice to do that)
did you do that with real instruments?

Good Morning,
so those were the last tracks for this year, maybe there will be a new year’s eve track.
I wish you all a pleasant holiday, but above all stay healthy. Let’s hope that the spitting will finally end soon and that the coming year won’t be so crappy.
LG Mathias


Agree… I’m bad at mixing, making the final adjustments and all such things… Too busy/eager to start doing something else (“music”/other things), too lazy/mentally exhausted to be interested anymore… I should start paying attention to that part of making songs too. But no promises, my mental state is such a roller coaster, usually when I’ve managed to (half-way) finish something, there might not be any energy/interest left.

All those recent things are done with Reaper/Kontakt 5 library/several Shreddage 3 (bass) guitars/Heavier7Strings/OTS Dracus/Vir2 Electri6ity/EZdrummer 2, both library based stuff and manual work/way too many cheap VSTs I could afford/and so on…


This sounds russian to my ears. After the first 5 seconds I saw Putin coming around the corner and later he’s dancing on the table. :rofl: Nice composition!

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Interesting track. Mixing wise I have the feeling that there are too many lower mids / high bass, which makes the track sound a bit dull. Try lowering the region at around ~230 Hz and hear how the mix becomes much more open

Thank you. Yeah I do think the low mids are a little intense, I think at the 2 minute mark is where that really shows.

Three days ago i’ve created this YT channel for beats only
another instrumental made with Bitwig with some vocal chops from old hiphop (made in the country i’m from)

for mixing i’ve used whole TDR suite with de-edger as well + toneboosters reelbus, compressor & reverb (among native bitwig devices)


Great and good luck with your new channel and Merry Christmas

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