I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

I was thinking about it aswell. What do you like so much about bitwig?

Everybody has his/her preferences. For example, I find the Reaper GUI performance wise so horrible (macos) that I never could use it as DAW. So I would give Reaper here a solid 0, in everything GUI related. On the other hand Bitwig surely lacks of common DAW features. But I like it concept-wise the most. The routing is super flexible and easy at once, even it gets very complex. Also I think that Bitwig has the best plugin hosting, very good MPE support and finally good performance, too. Also the sampler is very good. You have to combine a lot of simple units in Bitwig to get a result very often, so it is a bit hard to understand it. I actually find the Renoise mixer looking the world best, but the bitwig one is good, too. And I can place send channels into groups. So organisation is very easy. It has a lot of unique features, which are not mentioned at all in that comparison, since these are unique. Of course a lot mentioned in the test is also true. I hate the proprietary file format in Bitwig. Or I miss Renoise’s filters and also the EQ, since the Bitwig one is really half baked. Seems that no DAW ever will reach Renoise’s flexibility regarding scripting and exchange. They all have no idea about it (ok Reaper is an exception). You can code controller scripts though. Maybe you still can compare Bitwig a bit to Renoise. Also Renoise has powerful unique features, but might not compete with DAW including all those standard features. Here is an example of a unique feature of Bitwig, that’s why I love it: Have a look at the delay unit. You can place any kind of plugin into the feedback buffer, e.g. a stereo spreader/reducer, own filters, saturation or transient shaper. With such flexible power, you can quite easily create your own unique delay effect which also will sound better than anything else available (except Melda MXXX). The sky is the limit in Bitwig, so it is extremely easy to get distracted. Blablabla.


Greetings chums,this is my crap


ahh shitt no jjj checking it now
he used to be or is on the bitwig discord :sweat_smile:

@jarzu3 check this video

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Can I do that for a regular VST2 automation or midi cc automation, too? I seem not to be able to set this up… @Land_of_Bits

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He’s everywhere :slight_smile: Even on the Renoise IRC channel.

i dont understand what u mean ? @ffx

Ah nevermind, wrote a request.

Just finished this song. Any feedback welcome :slight_smile:


fuck yeah, crossover! I love it.

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Hi, some 80’s disco I just released. I’m pretty satisfied with it, so feel free to tell me what’s not that good :wink:




F@ck what a crazy great song .Congrats

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Great song as usual.

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Had this on the HDD for a min. Messing about with the Korg N364 synth.


oh! i love that Nigro tune. i’ve listened to it so many, many times over the years. so dark and tense. great!!

it is also the video i show people. when they want to know what Renoise is like.

on top of that. Nigro is actually part of the reason why i bought into Renoise. way back when. so thank you!

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Thanks for the kind words, that’s really cool to hear!I only found out today that its a popular stepmania map and people from all round the world play it and try to get the best score although i think only half of it has been mapped,check it out

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This is something I was working on recently. Started in one place and ended up in another :smile_cat:


I like how your track turned into a progressive ambient-mental way after the break-beat start. This kind of composition evoque me some wandering into thoughts.

Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it! I started the first part as just practice working with lower frequencies. Then after awhile I had an idea of looking out the window of a train ride at night traveling from a busy city to the peaceful country :bullettrain_side: By the way, congratulations on Mutant Breaks! Pixel Friends was a catchy tune!

Just finished this old school, driving techno track. It is dark and moody. Building up to a wailing climax. Definitely influenced by Underworld and the soundtrack to the Wip3out game.

Good, bad, indifferent. Let me know what you think.

Made a video for it here:

Or listen here on soundcloud: