I would love to be able to script this to kickstart a song

‘MIDI recorder & looper’.
modus operandi;

  • start function (midi bindable), status bar or new window shows ‘waiting for first midi event’
  • start doing (fingerdrumming, playing, etc) the same loop you were jamming before (tool records a table of midi events with time in microseconds)
  • end&reloop function (again, of course, midi bindable)
  • tool now automatically sets tempo, guessing whether you played one bar, two bars, etc, based on the fact most things you can fingerdrum are in a 65-130 bpm range. also puts all recorded midi events to the pattern (knobs that were bound, midi notes on different channels routed through different instruments, etc). of course this all happens seamlessly in a few audio frames so that when you hit the ‘end record’ gui/midi button that will instantly plot the loop to the pattern and let renoise player itself take it from there.