I Wouldnt Normally Do This But...

well its not even done in renoise, so feel free to flame me for posting this here…but i mean we’re both renoise users to some extent ^_^

(Laurence introduced me to renoise, but he is more a hardware junkie now)

had a jam with him the other day… and well, I wouldnt normally even post that sort of thing on here, even if it did have something to do with renoise…

so, without further precursors, here is a jam session I had the other day with laurence…


I thought it was pretty cool.
(in case you’re wondering who did what, we switched seats halfway through; at the start, I was on the synths and Laurence on the drumming machines)

ps sorry for not asking you first boris :P

This is simply awesome. I love the dub-experimentalism going on here, but then is goes up a gear with that beautiful marriage of glitchy electronics with soulful searching dark melody. This is good quality high art, no need to polish.