Ice Queen SID Remix


EDIT: I did it! Final Version below Ice Queen SID Remix - #14 by marzl

i"ve done a very rough recreation of the Song “Ice Queen”. It took me hours of reverse engeniering the structure and notes.
i havent used any tools like sid2midi or similiar, just my ears.
Instruments are provided by Arturia Analog Lab 5 and rendered down to norrmal samples.
The DAW Im using is Renoise. Well, since the basic structure and melody line has been created im running a little bit out of ideas how to procced now, since it is obvious very short. The speed of the song is quiete high (150 bpm) and not easy though. Do you have an idea how to lenght this a bit and spice it up with some more content? Its not yet balanced very well and the mastering steps are missing, but i believe you get the point :slight_smile:



Link doesn’t work.

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yup, link seems not working

Thanks, i have changed it. sry

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Just a small addition and maybe this would help me a lot: If you have a song suggestion in a similiar speed, i could learn and see how that song has be structured in a better way. Regarding this im a complete beginner and seeking for inspirations.

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Well, you’ve got this great theme worked out. Well done! From here, it’s all about exploring variations and conveying the emotion(s) you want to convey. I’d pick a genre that you’re interested in emulating and try it in that style. You will learn a lot along the way if you try to adhere to the genre’s conventions and sonic pallette. Not saying one can’t (or shouldn’t) go one’s own way, that’s super useful, too… but sometimes some outside structural impositions really enhance the creative process by forcing us to reach beyond what we already know how to do, and encourage us to learn from what others have already figured out on a technical level.

my .02 :slight_smile:

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yeah, that exactly what im looking at now, but im struggling with the type of music and the speed of it.
Any suggestion (maybe example songs) are highly appreciated. im digging through Royskop today and see if there is soem insiration i could use.

regarding complexity. Whould you add another layer of sound or effects?

personally, I’d probably add many :smiley:
It all depends on what you want to do. There’s a lot of music at 150 bpm, psytrance & dubstep come to mind, b/c I work in those genres, but there are doubtless many many more.

I would say you should emulate something in that 150 bpm range that moves you emotionally or physically.

Cool bass strings!

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oh dear, dubstep is hard as fuck and realy have fear getting into this genre :slight_smile:
am digging my spotify list up and down, still without sucess. royskopp is one of my favorite bands, but they are much much slower than i expected. slowing down the song speed to 144 still works fine.

Thanks, it took me a while finding them. Those are two layered bass strings actually.

Alright, today I revisited my song. Main focus was the intro part and some finetuning with frequency, automations (to keep it rolling) and stretching a tiny bit.
Still a few miles to go but every end has ists start :slight_smile:

What do you think? Is this the right direction?

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Today i revisited my song again. The main focus was the intro part tuning, stretching the middle part with a few variations and start with getting the right beat for it. Still struggling with the ending and main highlight of the song.

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After some time, i revisited my song again. Main focus was the overall structure, buildup and creating the proper end part. The sond BPM was reduces a tiny bit, too. The ending still needs some polish, though.
Mixdown optimized for headphones in the moment.

Ok, i did it!

The song was arranged, mixed and mastered in RENOISE.
Samples and instruments are created using the great ARTURIA Analog Lab library.
Originally, the song is much more faster and it was tricky to get those funky melodie lines been recreated and rearranged using only the ear and lots of patience. It took me more than 5 month (with little breaks) to finish it. I hope you like it as much as i did, once i have heard the original song the very first time. Enjoy!

This is a remix of /MUSICIANS/M/Mibri/Ice_Queen.sid


I very much enjoyed listening to the progression of your tune. Thank you for sharing @marzl

Each iteration was catchier and I bobbed my head to each. The final version hits it home - nice job brutha

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Thanks! To be complete, i created a YT Video too.


Very Good! We have some high quality music here. It reminds me of Pendulum. The mixing is good as well. If I had a suggestion it would be to add more reverb in the more empty part of the song like in 1:17 to fill it a little bit ( automating the reverb level)

What do you use for mixing? Nice job

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Thank you very much!
It is made 100% within Renoise and rendered the song to wav at the very end.