Icon Of Renoise

please get back the last icon of renoise.
this blue one is ugly…

ps : renoise 1.5 alpha4 is very good :)

I don’t think it’s ugly.

A little anonymous maybe.

You can always use “cange icon” under properties of the icon and choose the icon of an old version if you want to ;)

or just draw your own pic, save it .bmp rename it to .ico

The R should be in white.

I prefer the blue icon. :)

Roses are Red, Renoise is Blue, I like the new icon, and so should you!


actually, the “R” is white, as long as you position the icon on a white background because it’s transparent. ;)

I love the new blue one, loads nicer than that awful monotone red one.

Guess it also depends what your background is.