Icon Quality

crappy screenshot quality too… isn’t that ironic. anyway. when i swithed to mac i ntocied that the renoise logo isn’t in the best of resolutions, its fine… but compared to the others in my dock it looks rather blury.

:wacko: :unsure: :blink:

Both the icon and the screenshot quality look absolutely fine to me?

renoise has by far the prettiest icon in that screenshot :lol:

btw, is “five” good, or rather, is it really such an improvement over “four” as people say? I kinda doubt it :huh:

I really like the Renoise icon and .xrns file type icon for Windows XP

There is a hi-res png icon floating about on here somewhere…

This one?

I’d agree with the majority here though, the icon looks fine (as well as the screenshot).

make some tunes.

I see it too though, it gets blurry. The icon is probably made 48x48. On a Windows you rarely (never) get to see it bigger than that so I never noticed. But I’ve seen people on macs that let their icons turn huge when they hover them, so yeah - ehm what was I going to say… make it bigger! :P

I think i’ld rather agree with Syflom here… mocking about non-productive issues of this caliber either confirms how much complete Renoise is or the topic initiator is not seriously using it…

Don’t what else to complain about, it is awesome!

Just made my dock smaller, hehe…

edit: and on the “five” yeah well it looks better… but some stuff are just weird.